Zakat Calculator

To pay Zakat you need to fulfill two conditions:

1- Nisab
Your assets has to reach the
"Nisab" value, i.e. value equal to 3 oz (28 gms) of pure Gold.
2- Hawl
Due date is one HIJRI year from the day your assets reach the Nisab. If you donít remember the exact date, then choose the earliest date that allows for safety margin, adhere to it. (eg. 1st of Ramadan). All your calculations should be based on what you will possess on the due date not what you possess on the payment day
. (Consult your local Imam/Scholar for further details)


Total Assets
Value in (£)
Cash, Bank balance, Gold and Silver (current value), Stock in trade, resale value of shares, value of (or equity in) propoerty held as investment
Immediate Debts

price of one oz (28 gms) of gold in (£)

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